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Welcome to Christian Home Healthcare

Smiling coupleChristian Home Healthcare has been a reputable support and healthcare agency ever since 2003, and we continue to uphold that reputation. We are undoubtedly committed to providing high quality and excellent personal care services to the people of Pennsylvania.

Following the highest standards of personal and organizational integrity, we reliably provide accessible, prompt, accurate, and consistent personal care services that enable recipients to regain hope in a supportive and caring environment. It is our utmost priority to establish good relationships with our clients, and assure them that they are appreciated, and their needs are taken seriously.

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Our Mission Statement

The mission of Christian Home Healthcare is to be recognized as the leading Personal Care and Home-Health Company in Pennsylvania. We are dedicated to building long-term relationships with consumers and workers through empowering and habilitating independent interventions at all levels. We transform living and working environments into noticeably clean, safe, and healthier ones. We aim to do more than establish business, we strive to establish relationships. We want you to have the satisfaction of knowing that when we say, “Together We Can,” that we most certainly “Will.”

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